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Virtual Map Australia serves over 50,000 unique visitors each month on its Street Directory online mapping platform that incorporates Melway, Sydney, Brisway and Perth Street Smart Digital Imageries.

Leads generation from Premium Listings and Google Ads

Our sales and marketing team work closely together to help our customers identify and develop online strategies to increase more targeted traffic from potential customer thus increasing your lead generations and enquiries.

Our in-depth analysis of your business and iterative processes will help you to create the most relevant Advertising campaign for your business.

We perform Research on the following key areas :


Selecting the correct and most relevant keywords are crucial to a successful Google Ad campaign. Our team will research and identify the keywords which generate the best outcome for your product and/or service.

Time slot

We identify the most popular timing trends on Search Engines to have your business found by customers precisely when they are searching for a product or service that you offer


By understanding your ideal customers, we target your Ads to a defined set of demographic parameters for greater lead conversions. We analyze several characteristics of your potential customers such as their habitual location, ethnicity, languages spoken, income tiers and work or career to capture the correct audience for your products & services.

We remove the confusion and guess work of trying to be found on Google by doing in-depth analysis and research for you and then create Ads campaign that best suits your business needs.

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Social Media Marketing

With ever growing usage of Social Media as a communication tool, it has become a powerful way for businesses, big or small, to reach potential customers and for customers to interact with your brand and products.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is becoming an increasingly important avenue for businesses to market their brand, products and services online where your audiences interact directly with your brands during promotions and specials or through content and image sharing. If you are not interacting with your customers via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest you are missing out on a large portion of the market or missing out on increasing your brand visibility to potential customers.

Let us assist you in setting up your Social Media Marketing.

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Business Management, Reporting & Analysis

As business and markets evolve rapidly promulgated by fast technological changes, so have advancements in Business Management Tools to assist businesses in coping with changing markets, to remain competitive and improve their business performance. Our clients can enjoy a selection of Business Management Tools that we have developed specifically for Small to Medium sized businesses to assist them in managing their online marketing and social media presence.

Reports which our customers find insightful and enjoy are as follows :

Web Traffic Reporting

A monthly report associated with Organic Premium Listing(s) Advertising on Search Engines.

This report details traffic flow – such as keyword analysis, most popular searches, entry and exit pages, number of visitors and views - to illustrate and monitor performance. These reports can be customised to meet customer specific requirements.

ADs Campaign Reporting

A customised report that shows how well your Ad campaigns are performing. It includes Advertising effectiveness, call-throughs and enquiries. Reports are tailored to business industry as each business is different and the needs vary.

Business Rating Apps

An App that allows your customers to rate your products or services on 1-5 stars, and leave feedback. The star rating and feedback reviews give your business credibility and potentially boosts leads.

Our vision is to continue to build close relationships with our clients through listening and understanding their business needs and then to develop tools and solutions that will ultimately grow their business.

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CASE STUDY: Knoxfield Dental Care

This case study showcases the stunning turnaround in targeted leads and business success achieved by Knoxfield Dental Care , our customer in the dental industry after just a few months working with us. Prior to engaging us, the client was already spending around $1000 each month for several years on Google Ads directly. Whilst they receive bookings, they were however all throughout metropolitan Melbourne with many just as once-off customers. This was not ideal for our client.

First 3 months - Initial Strategy & Performance :

Following our engagement, we clarified the client’s desired outcomes and analysed their past activities. It was immediately clear that most of the client’s ad spend was wasted. Despite generating some leads, these customers however did not become regular customers as many travelled vast distances to attend the practice.

In the first step of our iterative process, much to the client’s surprise where they had expected us to recommend a budget increase to get more conversions, we decreased the Ad spend instead. Yes, we reduced the budget initially. The initial strategy was to focus the ad on specific localities within 5 km of the client’s premises, and additionally also target the client’s desired demographics, which was identified in analyzing the client’s current customers.

Within the first month – shown below – the conversion results from neighboring areas are beginning to kick in.


By the second month – shown below - both conversions and conversion rate continue to improve.


Thereafter – Continual Refining and Adjustments

Thereafter, we continually refine and adjust the Ad spend strategy to match seasonal trends and the client’s business growth and expansion.

The remarkable performance in the client’s business over a whole year (Oct 2018 to Sep 2019) is shown below:


The strategies we have implemented for the client has achieved at least 30 high quality conversions every month and an impressive 22% conversion rate against industry conversion norm of 3-5% from traditional advertising. Suffice to say the client is very satisfied.

Many of the conversions are children dentistry which is the client’s desired long-term regular stable customers. The client has significantly expanded its business after a year.

Testimonial: Knoxfield Dental Care

Virtual Map Australia

As a relatively new dental practice, we were with another dental marketing agency for Google marketing. However, the Google AdWords did not bring us many online bookings or phone enquiries. Also, as I am a quite involved person, I often check the Google AdWords settings and found that often the AdWords were not customized for our specific situation.

So, in 2018, we switched to work with Virtual Map. Despite a reduced Google AdWords budget with Virtual Map, within the first 3 months, we experienced a significant improvement in traffic and conversions of over 20%. This is sizeable compared to the Google Ad industry norm of 2-3% conversions. We are happy that the targeted leads generated by Virtual Map’s Google Ad strategies has gotten more desirable long-term business from families with children living around our practice’s locality.

Overall, we are very glad about our decision to change to Virtual Map. Our practice has consistently been ranked top 3 on mobile searches and we are building our practice with the right type of long-term customers. In 2020, we have completely delegated our web presence and site management to Virtual Map. We have no hesitation in recommending their expertise to other dental practices.

Grace Kang
Practice Manager of Knoxfield Dental Care

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