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Interactive Mapping Features
» Interactive local maps can enhance customer service for your business and reduce costs by providing web based maps in an easily recognisable format from Virtual Map.
» Use existing data for rapid integration into your organisations website.
» Attach a map for any address/location on your website.
» Geo-reference existing address database listings and creation of an online map for each listing.
» Show area polygons defined by you.
» Nearby search for Amenities from 25,000 points of interest including restaurants, parks, sporting venues, libraries, post offices and many more.
» Facility to Email a map: users can email accurate information to friends/customers.
» Basic mapping attributes, such as Zooming, Panning, Scrolling, Enlargement, Print map, Legend, Directory Reference, Title with address & contact details, Red star location marks, etc
» BETTER SERVICE & REDUCED COSTS providing location information to your clients customers and users.
» NO SYSTEM OR APPLICATION COSTS OR OVERHEADS - maps and system are maintained on Virtual Map servers.
» DATA SECURITY - No direct public online access to your data bases.
» QUICK CUSTOMISATION of any web page templates to your preferred website layout, colours, logos & active options.
» EASY GEO-REFERENCING AND CREATION of unlimited location maps for all locations requiring a map.
» AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED X Y CO-ORDINATES by Virtual Map for each of your supplied address points.
» RETAIN COMPLETE CONTROL over your address data - you can maintain and upload your own data with simple tools & training.
» DELIVERS SIMPLE, rapid display location point information to web users.
» FAST DOWNLOAD for low speed connections.
Virtual Map (Australia) Ltd Official Website
Virtual Map (Australia) Pty Ltd
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