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Virtual Map Partners with Intellitrac Australia
Virtual Map partners with Intellitrac providing State of The Art Mapping Platforms and Software solutions for fleet management systems, location based services and In vehicle Navigation and routing systems, based upon the highly accepted Melway (Ausway) Street Directory Platforms.
The partnership with Intellitrac allows us to provide high quality mapping and reporting functions efficiently over web based services. Thus effectively putting Intellitrac Virtual Map at the forefront of GPS Tracking Technology both in Hardware, Software and Mapping Systems.
Virtual Map Offers Internet Tracking Solution
Due to continued market demands, Virtual Map and its partnership with Intellitrac are now providing multi-user internet tracking solutions with full fleet management functions for as little as per vehicle per month.
The IntelliTrac Virtual Map Internet Solution now sets the benchmark in the industry, providing the highest quality maps, and the fastest internet response times combined with the easiest to use software. No wonder more and more companies both large and small are selecting IntelliTrac.
Feature Overview
» Multiusers
Allow user to create sub-account(s) and enable them to access and view the tracking.
» Multi-tracking
Allow user to view different or more than one tracking in the same time.
» Web based
It's a web based application, so user can access anytime, anywhere they want
» Report
Generate report for history tracking, stationary/ vehichle detail information and status, company details.
» GPRS based
The wireless data communication based on GPRS with advanteages of high speed connection and cost effective.
» History Tracking
Save the tracking results and details into database for future review purpose.
» Tracking Mode
Allow user to select different modes of tracking according to the needs and conditions.
» Navigation
Integrated with Turn by turn navigation for directional guide assistance.
» Map Tools
Also provided with basic map tools like: Interactive Zoom feature, Panning map, Center spot, etc
» Map Coverage
Detailed street level map of Australia & New Zealand
Virtual Map (Australia) Ltd Official Website
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