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Virtual Map Online GIS provides a solution for client to input different categories of customers (or competitors) and be viewed in a large interactive Australia wide map for marketing and analytical purposes. Some of the main features are:
Switch on/off different categories of customers on a map at selected zooming level.
Create, input, edit customer listings from a backend login site
Issue user rights in relation to what information can be viewed by certain users
Feature Overview
» Web based
It's a web based application, so user can access anytime, anywhere they want.
» Search
Integrated with advanced search functions of address, nearby POI and other custom integrated data.
» Information
Provided with detail information, map thumbnail, address, area coverage, map reference, etc.
» XML generator
Generate to XML format protocol for wide range exploration and integration.
» Map engine
New enhanced Vector map engine combined with upgraded Raster map engine, now also including Aerial Photo.
» Map Tools
Also provided with basic map tools like: Interactive Zoom feature, Center spot, Magnify, Distance, etc.
» Layers control
Layer display control which allow user to flexibly Turn on/ Turn off all layers in the map.
» Smart tag
Experience new integrated shortcut feature that intelligently link and matched to database.
Virtual Map (Australia) Ltd Official Website
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